U.S. Breast Cancer Rates

Whether or not a person has breast cancer in the U.S. has little bearing on what state the person lives in. Breast cancer continues to be a country-wide problem, affecting people of all races regardless of geography. Recent data reveals that incidence rates by state, on both the high and low end of the numbers, is not specific to region.

Washington, Connecticut, and Hawaii lead the nation in breast cancer rates, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's 2009 data. Meanwhile, Utah, Arkansas and Arizona reported the lowest incidence of breast cancer. The median rate of breast cancer cases - 123 per 100,000 people - was reported in the states of Louisiana and California. (Wisconsin was the only state in which data was not included.)

The data is likely to disappoint researchers who have been on a quest to find similarities in breast cancer cases in hopes of identifying a cause.

Breast Cancer Range